I am currently Sr Data Scientist at Rent The Runway. Rent The Runway is a successful startup that introduced the concept of renting designer dresses at commodity prices. It provides luxury experience to roughly 5 million members as of this writing.

I work on personalization, search and fulfillment amongst many other things. I architected and implemented a map-reduce, columnar and relational data warehouse platform. I also worked on collaborative filtering, clustered event topics inferred from reviews, worked on propensity to churn models, optimization problems and many other fun projects.

We also launched a subscription program with unlimited rental. I wrote the fulfillment solver for that and worked on swaps, length of items at home and other aspects of the program.

I recently published a chapter on Recommendations in the book “Data Mining Applications with R” which was published by Elsevier. I endeavored to give some practical advice and real code someone could use to do this. But most importantly, I focused on metrics and simulations and how to test large ML projects and architect them.

Before December 2012, I was Sr Data Scientist at Barnes & Nobles where I worked on  customer segmentation, loyalty, propensity to buy (NOOK), geographic opportunity, cross sales (with GAP and Borders) and other models, sales projections and recommendations.

Before 2010, I was a Data Architect working for different clients (HP, Unilever, Burton, …) and I got a lot of experience setting up analytics and operational database platforms, performance tuning, thinking about storage, disaster recovery, high availability and architecture. I have done one too many Oracle RMAN backups and restores and lost many nights sleep over scalability.

I was a Software Architect at Computer Associates before that (2000 – 2004). I had started my career there working as a software engineer for Ingres (non open source version of postgres). I also worked on Unicenter Service Management and other products but Ingres was never too far.

I came to the US for my undergraduate studies. I did BA in Mathematics and BS in Computer Science with full tuition scholarship at Dowling College. I finished dual degree (normally five years worth of course work) in three and earned another scholarship along the way.

I am currently working to integrate user level style, events and pricing into a holistic model to help customers find the right dress and increase inventory utilization.

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